4 Ways Selling a Mobile Home in IL is Different From Selling a Single-Family Property

Selling a Single-Family Property

When selling a mobile home, it is important to understand the differences between a mobile home and a single-family home. Although you may need to approach the sales process differently, it is not necessarily more complicated in terms of the work involved than selling a single-family home.

Having a good understanding of the differences between selling a mobile home and a single-family home can help you successfully list, market, and sell your mobile home for the best possible price. Read on as we explore four ways that selling a mobile home in Belleville differs from selling a single-family property.

Property Classification

One difference between selling a mobile home in Belleville and selling a single-family property is the classification of ownership. Mobile homes can be classified as either real property or personal property. For instance, if a mobile home is attached to a piece of land that is owned by the homeowner, it is considered real property. On the other hand, if the mobile home is located on a rented lot, it is classified as personal property as the homeowner pays rent to the community that owns the land. Mobile home affordability can allow landowners to live on a piece of property much sooner than they would if buying a conventional home.


Valuing a mobile home in Belleville is different from valuing a single-family property because of the varying factors that influence its worth. Comparing home values for single-family properties is relatively simple, whereas for mobile homes, the same model can have varying values due to its location or the land it sits on. Factors such as water frontage or views, planned community amenities, and land ownership can significantly impact the value of a mobile home.

Home Site

Selling a mobile home in Belleville differs from selling a single-family property in that the classification of the property’s ownership varies. If you own the land where the mobile home is situated, it is considered real estate. However, if you are renting the lot, the mobile home is classified as personal property.


Selling a mobile home in Belleville differs from selling a single-family property in the types of questions potential buyers may ask. They may want to know the manufacturer of the model and any improvements made to the property that increase its value. Buyers may also require documentation proving that the foundation is sound, as well as any other necessary inspections. Additionally, buyers will want to know the rules, regulations, and fees associated with the mobile home park or community in which the property is located, as these factors will affect the overall costs of owning the property.

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