5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House in Belleville

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First and foremost, it should be acknowledged that a traditional listing can be a viable choice in certain scenarios. However, there exists another way to sell your home that you might not have considered. Instead of enlisting the services of a real estate agent, you have the option to sell your property directly and quickly. Keep reading to discover five compelling reasons why it may be beneficial to forgo hiring a real estate agent when selling your home in Belleville.

Showings Can Be Burdensome

If the idea of having countless strangers view your property online and walking through your home makes you uneasy, then you may want to avoid hiring a real estate agent to sell your house in Belleville. One of the significant advantages of not working with an agent is avoiding the discomfort of showing your home to the public. Additionally, the showing process can be intrusive, with agents calling during dinner or unexpected visits. This can be particularly stressful for those with children, pets, and busy schedules. Maintaining a spotless home at all times requires significant time and energy. However, when working with a direct buyer such as Cardinal Creek Properties, there are no showings, thus eliminating this headache altogether.

Time on the Market

A real estate agent can provide information on how long their listings typically stay on the market and the current average time on the market for all listings in Belleville. However, they cannot guarantee when your home will sell. The longer your listing sits on the market, the more likely it is that the eventual sale price will be lower. The uncertainty of when or if a buyer will come along can be a stressful and uncomfortable feeling, which is a major reason to consider not hiring a real estate agent to sell your house in Belleville. Working with a direct buyer like Cardinal Creek Properties means you can receive a cash payment and close the sale in as little as 30 days or less.


Real estate agents typically receive a significant commission for bringing a buyer to the table. In a traditional real estate transaction, the buyer’s agent and seller’s agent split the commission, which is based on the purchase price. The average commission percentage for a home sale is around seven percent, plus additional fees and closing costs, all of which come out of your sale proceeds. For a home with an average sales price of $350,000, this can add up to $24,500 in fees. Paying such a large amount is another reason why you might want to avoid hiring a real estate agent to sell your house in Belleville. On the other hand, a direct buyer like Cardinal Creek Properties doesn’t charge commissions.


Marketing expenses are typically required when you hire a real estate agent to sell your house. This includes listing on top websites and using high-quality images, which often requires hiring professional photographers, drone pilots, and potentially making updates or repairs. On top of that, you’ll need to pay for professional staging expenses. Selling your house can involve numerous expenses, which can accumulate rapidly, and become a significant financial burden. This situation is one of the reasons why selling your property to a direct buyer like Cardinal Creek Properties is worth considering. By choosing this option, you can avoid these expenses and save money.


The upfront expense of repairs is one reason why hiring a real estate agent to sell your house in Belleville may not be the best option. As the seller, you are responsible for any repairs that the buyer’s lender may require after the professional inspection, which can be costly. If you prefer not to invest money in a home you’re ready to sell, a direct buyer like Cardinal Creek Properties will purchase your house in Belleville as is. You can simply pack your belongings and move on without any worries.

Selling your house fast in Belleville can be a challenging and time-consuming task. At Cardinal Creek Properties, we offer a quick and hassle-free solution to selling your home. Contact us today by sending us a message or calling (314) 467-8137 to receive a fast and fair offer.

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